The Wiser Master Class is the culmination of the western wisdom tradition: a unique, rational approach to the mind, the nature of reality and profound spiritual experience.

The Master Class is an innovative, research-based training program in Wiser Practice that will allow you to:

Resolve Your Personal Problems

- so they no longer prevent you from living the most personally meaningful life you can imagine.

WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH OF who and what you are

-  and your nature beyond this life, through liberation from false existential burdens.


- to discover the origin of your thoughts and dreams, the truth about your past, present and future, and the role you play within reality beyond your own birth and death. 

Become a student of the wiser master class and master yourself

You can try the master class for free for 3 days, and learn the basics of Wiser Practice in 30 seconds.




The Master Class is a progressive video series that will give you a complete training in the four types of Wiser Practice.

Using gamified learning, peer group support and accountability, and the innovative practice vow functionality, the Wiser Master Class is the ideal way to establish a daily Wiser Practice, correct your personal problems, and realise the truth on your own terms within a rational, western tradition.

Sign up today for a free 3 day trial, learn the basics of Wiser Practice in 30 seconds, and see if you would like to become a student of the Wiser Master Class.


Students of the Master Class who wish to engage with the training in the best way possible and to the best of their ability, can sign up to become a Wiser trainee by taking part in the 13 week research group.

The research group is designed to accelerate progress in wisdom - including what is traditionally called awakening, liberation or enlightenment - in the most ideal way, with understanding, easy resolution of difficult periods of growth or challenging events, and group support from a qualified Wiser Practitioner.

Anonymised data from the research group will feed into the efficacy of future research groups, as well as contributing to a decades long research program that will revolutionise our current approach to the mind, our problems, and our understanding of ourselves. 

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Wiser students have the opportunity to become a Wiser Practitioner -  a new professional, ethical vocation that provides a safe, effective alternative to the dangerous religious or spiritual new age amateur. 

The standard for qualification requires mastery of Wiser Practice, the substantial resolution of personal problems, deep experience with every aspect of growth in wisdom - beyond the degrees of realisation or awakening described by most wisdom traditions - and a commitment to ongoing best practice informed by the research program.

Above all, the Wiser Practitioner embodies a duty of care for the student that is the only way to realise a wiser culture without repeating the disasters of 20th century spirituality.

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Wiser By Design is many things: a master class for helping individuals live an intentionally wiser life, a decades long research program, and a way to create a new vocation in the professional Wiser Practitioner.

But the unifying aim behind all of this is the creation of a more profound destiny for our species: a wiser culture that understands the cost of false conclusions - both personally and existentially - and recognises the personal responsibility we each bear in resolving these false conclusions in order to participate in the deeper truth of reality together.

And should anyone wish to explore deep and profound spiritual experience, it will be common knowledge that there exists a wisdom service that can help individuals realise this highest good safely, rationally and in the most ideal way possible. 

You can take these first steps with us towards a wiser culture by becoming a student today.