Wisdom is made easy with the Wiser Master Class: a unique, rational approach to the mind, the nature of reality and profound spiritual experience, based on the legacy of the western wisdom tradition.

The Master Class is an innovative, research-based training program in Wiser Practice that will allow you to:

Resolve Your Personal Problems

- so they no longer prevent you from living the most personally meaningful life you can imagine.

WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH OF who and what you are

-  and your nature beyond this life, through daily contemplation practice that leads to liberation from false existential burdens.


- to discover the origin of your thoughts and dreams, the truth about your past, present and future, and the role you play within reality. 

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Learn the basics of Wiser Practice in 30 seconds, with 2 kinds of sitting practice, 8 videos to watch, and 11 badges to earn.

Resolve your problems with Wiser Dialectic Practice, through exploring your dramas, dreams and daydreams using the interactive form and instructional videos with examples. That's another 6 practices to learn, 109 (!) videos to watch, 10 badges to earn.

All for free!

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If you're serious about becoming wiser, you can subscribe for $10 a month and unlock Parts 2 and 3 of the Master Class, where you'll learn the ideal practice for awakening, Wiser Esoteric Practice, gain a deeper understanding of Wiser Dialectic Practice for resolving your problems, and begin using the innovative Practice Vows and Peer Groups for establishing an ideal home practice for growth in wisdom.

Another 2 practices to learn, 12 videos to watch, and 13 badges to earn.

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If you would like to support the ongoing development of Wiser and its mission to bring high-end wisdom to the masses through it's decades-long research program and vocational training, you can sign up as a Wiser Patron and get exclusive access to the Master Class Q&A series, new training materials and Wiser Labs products. See the Wiser Patreon page for more.