A preliminary results paper for self-reported awakenings during the 13 week Master Class research pilot group. Now available as a .pdf.

"I now experience an abiding sense of peace, goodness, well being and beauty."

- Research Participant




As a way to realise profound growth in wisdom, such as awakening to the true nature of existence, the 13 week Wiser Research Group is the ideal way to participate in the Wiser Master Class. Using the same learning platform available to students, the Research Group adds a higher level of support and accountability with weekly group calls and a more intense daily training schedule, with the aim of realising the highest goals in wisdom, from classical enlightenment to the resolution of recurring problems inherited from the family.

Students who sign up to the Research Group are considered Wiser Trainees, as it is this level of excellence in personal practice that individuals are most likely to reach the criteria for qualification as a Wiser Practitioner, which makes the Research Group the preferred path to qualification for students who wish to be a Wiser Practitioner by profession.



Trainees will not only be benefitting themselves - and those close to them - as a result of the profound personal transformation that will result from participating in the Research Group, but the data collected - through surveys and interviews before, during and after the 13 weeks, as well as through the Master Class platform - will contribute to improving future Research Groups, as well as informing the first scientifically-validated model of the process of awakening.

Eventually Wiser Research will inform the use of Wiser Practice within a clinical setting, as a development of current psychological models of the mind, the origin of personal problems and pathological behaviour, and how we realise what we care about the most in life.  

To take part in the Wiser Research Group as a Trainee is to make an ideal contribution to both your own personal growth and the wiser development of our culture as whole.

If you would like to join an upcoming Wiser Research Group, you can register your interest by following the link under the preferred group below and filling in the form. 



Wiser Research Group 1

7th May - 31st July 2017


Wiser Research Group 2

January - March 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed).

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