Meditation for Wisdom.

So easy you can learn it in 30 seconds.



Did you know you can directly realise the truth about who you are, and why you are here, through profound spiritual experience? Meditation for wisdom is the key to this experience.



Did you know you can resolve your personal problems for yourself through understanding your dramas, dreams and daydreams? You can learn to do this for free in the Master Class.



Are you one of the millions of people who have suffered challenging spiritual or mindfulness-related experiences? With Wiser Dialectic Practice, you can resolve these problems for good.


Grow in wisdom with the most advanced training in the world: the Wiser Master Class.


30 seconds to learn the basics.


4 types of Wiser Practice with 15 meditations to explore.


130+ videos to guide you step by step as you grow.


35 badges to earn across 4 peer groups for increased motivation and accountability.


And mastering the basics is free.

"For the first time I actually get how to meditate, with no apps or recordings required. And it's transformed my life!"

- Maggie M., New York


"I learnt more in 20 minutes in the Master Class than I have in the 20 years I've been a seeker after enlightenment. If only I had this when I started out, it would have saved me years of confusion and wasted effort."

- Steve P., London


"Alan's kind of like the Elon Musk of wisdom. Everything else just seems so outdated and a waste of time compared to the Master Class."

- Peter L., Seattle


Duty of Service


Wiser has a central guiding principle that informs everything we do. It's called Duty of Service and it means we are only concerned with providing the opportunity for you to share in wisdom.  This may not sound very meaningful, but if we fulfil our duty and you are able to engage with the Wiser Practices in a personally meaningful way, then the beneficial (and measurable) results of wisdom should follow, including the resolution of personal and existential problems, and a growth in personal and existential truth with ideal states. 

This is how we know we are meeting our duty: measurable efficacy.

Duty of Service is the driving force behind the Wiser Master Plan and the Wiser Research Strategy. If you're interested in our research into the measurable efficacy of the Wiser Practices taught in the Master Class, you can learn more about the reported profound spiritual experiences here, and the difference the Master Class has made in resolving personal problems here

Of course the best way to experience the efficacy of the Wiser Practices is for yourself, by signing up to learn the basics for free.

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