Wiser’s mission is to create a universal wisdom service, where anyone interested in exploring profound spiritual realisation and the nature of the mind (including mental health issues) can do so with the help of a Wiser Practitioner: a research-based, regulated professional the public can turn to as an alternative to the dangerous and amateur spiritual teacher or guru.

The creation of the wisdom service is dependent upon a research program to validate the claims, and demonstrate the benefits, of the Wiser Practices taught in the Master Class, and consists of three distinct stages:


The first step is applying research findings to the training path for students to become a Wiser Practitioner through the Master Class, Incubator and Retreat, in order to facilitate the student’s healing of themselves before they can offer to facilitate wisdom for others. This means personally resolving problems handed-down through the family or culture, as well as those resulting from trauma, or challenging psychedelic and spiritual experiences; as well as directly participating in, and benefiting from, profound spiritual realisation, otherwise known as awakening. This means the research program feeds back into the service from the offset, in the form of developing the Master Class into an autonomous guidance platform for students to achieve the criteria for becoming a Wiser Practitioner.

In particular, this stage aims to develop an ideal, scientifically-validated model for cultivating the profound spiritual realisation of awakening - safely, reliably, and efficiently - as a means of both creating and validating the vocation of the Wiser Practitioner.

The training of Wiser Practitioners - primarily through the Incubator and Retreat - is how Wiser will be able to fund the ongoing development of the research program, and ultimately the service itself.


Once we have a sufficient number of Wiser Practitioners, and the service can sustain itself, it will then be possible to fund stage 2 of the research program, where we can include specific studies that compare the Wiser Practices to current therapeutic interventions, before determining the correct ethical engagement with the most vulnerable members of our society: those people who suffer personal problems so severe the best they can do is ask for help.

Mental health issues are the biggest reason people can’t lead a productive life in our society. People suffering these problems can’t work or maintain basic relationships, and they’re the furthest they can possibly be from living a personally meaningful life. Here we will see the true value of a universal wisdom service, as a direct, free intervention that would aim to help these people rescue themselves in the most effective and ideal way possible, and even offering an avenue of vocational training for these people too should they wish to become a Wiser Practitioner.

Here Wiser will look to partner with existing health-care providers (such as the NHS) and other related organisations.

To compare the Wiser Practices - specifically Wiser Dialectic Practice - against existing therapeutic interventions in Stage 2 could see the introduction of a radically new understanding and language for describing problems such as mental health issues, because it would be here that we would be testing the hypothesis of the providential nature of the psyche: the idea that our daydreams, dreams and dramas are provided by our minds as expressions of the most important problem we need to understand and resolve in order to realise what we find most personally meaningful in life.


Once there is sufficient evidence for Wiser Practice as an effective, safe and reliable intervention in personal problems (including mental health issues); the Wiser approach as an intelligible and profound model for understanding the nature of the mind; Physiks as a scientifically-validated model for awakening; and the Wiser Practitioner as a proven institution worthy of academic and social recognition, then the research program enters its longest and most mature phase as the basis for best practice in the profession.

It is through Wiser realising its mission of establishing the vocation of the Wiser Practitioner, and the institution of a universal wisdom service, that Wiser’s vision of creating a wiser culture - where profound spiritual realisation is normalised, and a mature understanding of the nature of the mind is commonplace - finally becomes a reality.